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Happy Glow

I think that happiness is our default state and every other emotion is temporary.

The goodness in people can been seen in their eyes, their smiles, and can be felt from their hearts.

It can be felt though a hug or kiss, a high-five or a chest bump.

Bottle that feeling up and save it for later. Open it and let its soft glow guide you out of your darkness. Hold it like a baby bird and let it fill you up.

When it’s done it’s job you’ll need to refill the bottle.

The best part is, when you refill yours, you fill another’s as well.

Let positivity & love spread like wildfire.

Let’s all bring each other warmth.

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Winter War

Sock covered feet patter across flat, old carpet.

It is warm inside and we are at war.

Groups gather and talk.

We have no time for their blather.

Creatures ooze from almost every crevice of the old home. They’re crawling all over everything, does no one care?

I smash one.

I get scolded and my weapon confiscated.

No on appreciates a hero.

Snow floats outside.

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Sprint, make your muscles burn.

Make your heart pump harder and faster.

Run against the wind and scream as you push yourself to the limit.

Feel your surroundings and be alive.

Don’t stop until your throat feels like it’s going to fall out and your legs quit on you.


Grit your teeth and dig your fingers into the dirt.

Pull yourself forward.

Keeping going until your entire body feels like it’s vibrating

and then ignore it.

Let heavy breaths come and go.

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Something Noteworthy

What do I do?

I’ve never felt this alone.

Space really is as cold as they say; I guess I’m just going to float here for the rest of my life. So, about Thirty more seconds.

Have I done everything I wanted? No, far from it; I haven’t done anything of note.

I’ve disappointed so many people.

No one will even know that I got shot into space, no one will ever find me. Who knows, maybe I’ll bump into a spaceship thousands of years in the future.

Five more seconds.

This will be interesting. 

I’ve never died before. 

At least that’s something of note.

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What I Wish I Lacked

Heavy, metallic sand shifts within me. Sometimes it’s in my feet and legs; other times, it’s all crammed into my head.

When I’m broken, it congregates into my throat. Eventually, it snakes down to my chest, strangling and suffocating my heart.

No matter how much I puke, cut, wretch, rip, cry, or scream; I can never be rid of it.

Just get it out.

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I’m not prepared; I’m lagging behind. I sit, think, and dream of nothing.

What’s my worth? Do I have any?

I’m a star among billions.

When I fall, it’ll hurt like hell.

I will burn.