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Join Hands

Dear mother,

You’re crumbling like the edge of an ancient cliff.

We are clinging to you. We are nothing, you’re the gift.

We are even less without our sibling.

We hold each other on cold nights, the cold winds chilling.

A kiss and a bullet are equal in the minds of your children.

It is our nature. We will step up; we will fill in.

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Falling for Fall

Dying leaves twirl

Air nips at exposed hands and noses

Fruits on porches fend off evil spirits

Houses are warm

Friends are warmer

Scents of spices and maple syrup fill the body

An enormously old armchair commands the room

Relaxation, finally relaxation

Cool concrete on a long stretch of driveway

Sweet, sweet, pretty girl has a bad reputation

The home will soon be filled

Filled with long sleeves, coffee, and the sound of laughter and voices

The Turkey Run, run turkey run

A playful battle for skin

Generations, for generations

Colder and colder still

Gather once more, the old home beckons

Nature is invited and dressed for the occasion

Lovely boxes and brilliant glimmers keep the company in good company

Experienced hands are abound

We feel secure

We feel protected

The clouds rain down frozen sadness

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Long Ride Home

The whir of tires on asphalt create white noise as the journey continues.

It’s dark, so dark that the lamps can’t cut through the fog. You only manage to see a hazy reminder of what once protected you.

Trees and long guardrails whizz by; you half expect to melt into your seat and live out the rest of your days as a puddle.

Green numbers show the time.

It’s always wrong.

You’re always wrong, aren’t you?

Timidly, you bring your knees up to your chest and wrap your tiny arms around them.

The engine whirs faster as it tries to keep pace.

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Give Your All, Forever

The pain vanishes.

The worry vanishes.

It all turns to vapor.

Use your voice, young man. Use your voice and let it be heard. Do not fear what is to be feared by all.

Do not be paralyzed by the doubt and by the comparison. Let your mind be your own and let it run rampant through the ethereal valley.

Baby boy, my baby boy. The thorns are wide and numerous.

Allow the sword to burn through the evil and snare the heart of the monstrosity that holds you captive. Drive the white-hot blade into the dark, thick oil and expel it.


do it again.

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The Groove

I’m feelin’ this groove.

The bass is bumping like a heart

the melodies are flowing through my soul.

The vocals embrace me like a warm, puffy blanket on a cold winter evening.

The emotions wash over me like cold ocean waves.

I let them come.

I let them come.

My senses are dulled.

Oh baby, I’m in deep now.

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Heroes of Old

Copper tubes sing their lovely song as the wind pushes against the hanging wooden slab.

Barren is the street that young children once ran upon, swinging cardboard swords and slaying invisible monsters.

Empty are the backyard shortcuts they used to run to each other’s homes for days of play.

Gone are those days.

Gone are the souls of heroics and their bravery, for they have been replaced with fear and cowardice.

We sharpen our tongues and brandish them with hesitation.

Now our monsters are reality.

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Happy Glow

I think that happiness is our default state and every other emotion is temporary.

The goodness in people can been seen in their eyes, their smiles, and can be felt from their hearts.

It can be felt though a hug or kiss, a high-five or a chest bump.

Bottle that feeling up and save it for later. Open it and let its soft glow guide you out of your darkness. Hold it like a baby bird and let it fill you up.

When it’s done it’s job you’ll need to refill the bottle.

The best part is, when you refill yours, you fill another’s as well.

Let positivity & love spread like wildfire.

Let’s all bring each other warmth.