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She’s Got My Back

The basketball was slick from the sweat of other players. We scrambled and fought for it as the clock continued to tick down.

I don’t even remember how I got there.

I smack the ball away from several other people on the opposing team. I grip it in my hands and fumble it once or twice as the other team attempts to take it from me. I stood right underneath the rim. I hopped back and made a few on the enemy team stumble. I took the shot, the ball rotating and going high up into the air.


The crowd, who had been cheering before, exploded into applause and tears. Apparently that was the game winning shot. My mother was in the crowd, I picked her out instantly. She was crying and I could see her mouth moving. She was yelling at the person next to her, “That’s my boy!”

Not a moment later she and I are in an old basement, one that reminds me of my grandma’s. The carpet was a weird, tan color and flat. She sat at an old, wooden computer desk, complete with a weathered, boxy, white computer.

A long, wooden, cuboid stood vertically next to the desk; it was about five feet tall and about a foot wide. A wooden framed door was latched with a magnet, the middle of the door was thin glass. Several over the top drinking glasses sat inside the structure. I pointed to one and asked if it was Uncle Hondo’s. She just laughed and nodded.

I love you Mom.

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The Ritual

They held me down with their grotesque and swollen hands. I struggled against their grasps but to no avail, these things were massive and definitely weren’t human.

I could hear chanting start to swell within the darkness of the cave. Out of the corner of my panicked vision I saw torch-light, fire causing shadows on the walls to dance around.

Another, much skinnier being came into view. It stood in front of me and had a large, feathered, wooden mask on; I could make out that the things was littered with intricate carvings.

I heard it say a command in a language that I didn’t understand, it’s raspy voice echoing off of the stone walls. Three more of the brutes came towards me, one gripping my ankles and putting it’s weight down, I winced. Another stopped at my head, and used it’s disgusting fingers to pry my mouth open. I wriggled and fought against the beings restraining me but to no effect. The third monster held a bucket in it’s hands. It looked like it could crush it like a soda can if it wanted.

My breathing became more spastic and my eyes darted around the dark, always unconsciously locking onto the orange glow of the torch. Grunts of defiance rose up out of my throat as the bucket came closer to my open mouth. I could see the thing tipping it over. I let out a scream, tried to violently pry myself away from my captors; my struggling didn’t seem to faze them at all, nor move them.

The bucket tipped more and finally it’s contents oozed onto my skin. A heavy, thick, black tar-like substance plopped into my mouth and continued to flow slowly. I arched my back, trying to do something, anything. My jaw was on fire from being held open. I coughed and choked as the black goop slid down my throat. I panicked. More of the black liquid was poured onto my face, covering my eyes and nose. I couldn’t breathe. I choked, gagged, gasped for air that I couldn’t suck in, only more of the “tar” went down.

My head felt like it was going to explode, my muscles ached from trying to escape, I couldn’t breathe and now I was blinded. The crazed chanting grew louder and louder, I could still hear it through my goop covered ears. It swelled, became louder and louder until I couldn’t hear anything but that, not even my own desperate attempts at taking breath.

A scream echoed through the cave and the torch-light was extinguished almost instantly.

I jolted up in my bed, sweat running down my entire body, the back of my t-shirt soaked. I felt sick. I swallowed, thank god I could swallow. I breathed in deeply from my mouth, letting my lungs expand to their capacity before I let the air out with a quick huff. I gripped my sheets with my… shiny, jet black hand.

My heart sank.

My bedroom door creaked.

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Cellphone Bird Baby

Another dream last night, this time I was in my dads parent’s house. They were watching a few small children and had them playing in the toy room. Mind you, the toy room was a real place, my grandparents shut it off after they remodeled their house, seeing as how all or most of their grandkids had grown up a bit.

So there’s a little girl in the room, she hands me a plastic cellphone, telling me that I need to call someone for her. I nod and fake call. Before I knew it, the power had gone out, the kids were uneasy. I look back down at the cellphone and it had turned into this strange and featherless demonic bird type of thing, looking like something that had just hatched.

Obviously I was confused; I took the new bird to my dad and he simply replied with “Oh yeah, that tends to happen.”

Dreams are weird.

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Zane’s not Zane Anymore

I had a dream the other night that I was with a group of friends and one of them had gotten possessed. We were at a bowling alley for some reason and the thing that really stuck out to me was that they had numerous soda fountains, like at least ten of them all next to each other so it looked like one big long line of sodas to pick from.

I remember my friend Zane looking pale, and he’s already a pale dude. He stood up to go get a soda from the long soda train and proceeded to projectile vomit blood all over the floor.

My other friends weren’t surprised and that in and of itself shocked me, other than the fact that my good buddy had just spewed red all over the bowling alley carpet, I didn’t think the janitor would mistake that for Big Red.

The last thing I remember, before waking up, was that Zane was turning to walk out of the bowling alley. He looked strange, like some sort of weird goblin, all hunched over and baring his teeth.

I recall waking up and thinking about how blood tastes like a quarter in your mouth.

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Impromptu Captain

Last night, I had a rather curious dream that I was lost at sea. I wasn’t alone however, there were several other people who had decided to tag along with me on my adventure. Our boat wasn’t very big, bigger than a sailboat but much smaller than a yacht. It was kind of an old-fashioned looking boat, I’m not even sure if it had a name or not. A boat with no name is considered bad luck, you’re basically asking the sea to claim you at that point.

I didn’t know anyone else, no one even looked remotely familiar. I wasn’t nervous though, like I usually would be when surrounded by a small group of people who I’ve never met before. I’m not even sure what they really looked like now that I’ve woken up. If I try to remember what they look like, all I see are blurry faces.

The next thing I know, everyone is gone, I’m all alone on our little ship. The feeling still sends chills up my spine. Being forced into a situation is something that I’m not the biggest fan of and making that situation in the middle of the ocean is a cocktail for a stress hurricane.

I remember just sitting down on the deck of the boat, it wasn’t particularly sunny but the clouds were allowing a little bit of sun to peak through every now and again. The boat would gently bounce with the waves and rock slightly. It was actually pretty relaxing when I didn’t realize that I was stranded in the middle of the sea.

I don’t remember much more but the last clear thing that I recall was that I took a very deep breath, smelling the salty air.