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Summer Lemons Sing to Me

Rarely do I find myself moving from the two spots that I write. One is at a desk and the other is at the kitchen table. Also I almost never allow myself to write without music, as I’m doing right now. I wish to break both of these bad habits.

While listening to music can help others get into the world that they’re writing about, most of the time I find it distracting. This would probably explain why I sometimes, most of the time, feel bad about my writing or feel that it isn’t up to par.

Right now I’m sitting cross-legged on my bed. My blinds are opened and my window is cracked. The only sounds that inhabit my room at the moment are the constant whir of the ceiling fan, and the faint noises from outside. The leaves rustle in the trees, birds chirp in the distance, and sometimes people walk by the house, their shoes clapping against the asphalt.

This… feels good. I feel like I’m more open to myself. I feel like my mind is more free to wander and I feel a sense of calm flowing through my as I write. The calmness is helped along by a tea & lemon scented candle that I have burning at the moment. The room is filled with the smell and it makes me think of my grandma’s house from when I was little.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: turn things off once in a while. Technology is a great and  wondrous thing but when it comes to writing, for me at least, being left alone for a while can do wonders.



My name is Michael and I'm an aspiring writer. I enjoy writing fiction as well as little blips of things that will pop into my head from time to time. I've always loved expressing myself through writing and creating a world all my own. I hope you enjoy!

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