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Living on your own doesn’t sound like it’s all cracked up to be, I think I glamorize it too much. Part of me really likes the idea but the other half of my it petrified and mortified at the thought.

The independent side of me, however small he may be, finds the idea of living on my own to be somewhat freeing and fun. He thinks that even mundane tasks like taking out the trash or doing the dishes will be amplified because I would be on my own. More than likely I’ll room with friends so I don’t have a mental breakdown within the first week. The thought of spending the evening with friends and watching a movie with them while eating popcorn really appeals to me.

The cynical side of me has different thoughts however; he’s much bigger than the independent part of me. He says that living on my own would be hell on earth. He reminds me of getting a full-time job, instead of the part-time one I have now, and how that will eat up my time. How when things break I have to fix them, no running to someone else, hopefully some of my friends are handy. Paying bills, having no money from paying said bills, living paycheck to paycheck. Don’t you dare spend money on something that isn’t necessary. Don’t you dare screw up or you’ll be out on your ass in the cold and rain.

These two fight all the time. I don’t know who’s winning but there is probably some truth to both of their arguments. Maybe there’s a way to have the best of both worlds. Only time will tell.



My name is Michael and I'm an aspiring writer. I enjoy writing fiction as well as little blips of things that will pop into my head from time to time. I've always loved expressing myself through writing and creating a world all my own. I hope you enjoy!

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